Raftshol Vineyards is a small family winery located on Michigan’s scenic Leelanau peninsula.  Warren Raftshol, the owner and winemaker, was one of the pioneers to grow red vinifera grapes in the area.  The oldest vines are over 20 years old and since 1999 Raftshol Vineyards has been producing quality Bordeaux-style wines, meads and ice wine.

We invite you to come in and taste our selection of red, white and dessert wines!


5 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi,

    Unrelated to the business, I was wondering where your family is from, and possibly if you could tell me about your heritage. I ask because I my great-grandmother was also a Raftshol and I believe it to be a very uncommon name. I am also trying to build a family tree so it would be extremely interesting to get in touch.


    T Barks

    • My grandfather was Anders Johan Raftshol who was born in 1869 in Eid Norway which is near Bergen, Norway. He was a Lutheran pastor, and started the farm here in Suttons Bay, Michigan. His fraternal twin brother was also a pastor and raised a family in North Dakota. If you want to ask me more, raftshol@gmail.com
      my name is Warren Raftshol. Hsppy New Year 2022!

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